One-on-one coaching


Work with me

I am not your average Holistic Nutritionist!

One-on-one wellness coaching with me is not only about nutrition. It's about tying together the mind, body and soul. It's about becoming your most authentic self and stepping into the life that you have always desired. 

I understand what it's like to feel as if there's no way off the hamster wheel when it comes to being in "battle" with food. There is nothing wrong with you, there are simply areas of your life that need more attention in order to understand why your food issues are manifesting.

My one-on-one coaching is tailored to be the end of your search for healing your relationship with food. We will work together to figure out where your issues with food are coming from, how to start eating in a way that will help you achieve your weight goals, and how to put an end to your battle with food and body.

It's an investment into becoming the most authentic, relaxed, pleasure accepting, and joyful YOU and I'm excited to guide you throughout this beautiful healing journey. If you're interested, contact me now for a free consultation!

1 hour sessions: $100

30 minute initial consultation: Free