Use Your Breath to Burn Fat

How can your breath possibly be a factor in weight loss?

Let's get the slightly scientific and boring shit out of the way.

Oxygen is needed in order for metabolism to take place.

Simply put, metabolism is the chain of chemical reactions that break down our calories from food and turn it into energy. The body goes through a complex series of chemical reactions using the Kreb's Cycle.

(I won't pretend I know more about this than I do so I'll keep it simple.)

Within the Kreb's Cycle, oxygen is used to convert nutrients into energy with carbon dioxide as a by-product. Carbon dioxide leaves the body through our breath/exhale. The more oxygen we take in, the more effective our calorie burning capacity will be. The more carbon dioxide we exhale, the more fat molecules we release.

More oxygen = stronger metabolism = more fat molecules escaping through CO2 (aka our breath).

What are ways you can incorporate more O2 intake?


Movement that encourages an increase in our heart rate will increase the body's oxygen uptake. Have you ever noticed that when you pick up the pace while walking, your breathing gets deeper and quicker?


Taking time out of your day for quiet, calm and stillness can help improve the QUALITY of your breathing without you even realizing. We tend to be in a constant state of alert and stress which causes us to breathe from our chest. We are often breathing quickly and quite shallow. Meditation encourages deep and slow belly breathes which not only helps put the body into a state of relaxation it also helps to detoxify the body of unecessary toxins and stubborn fat molecules.

Breathing exercises

There are several different breathing exercises that help to rid the body of old CO2 that is hard to get rid of when we are breathing shallow. This link shows different breathing exercises. Search YouTube for real-life examples if you find the text difficult to follow (holla to all my visual learners) 💕

Getting into nature

Surrounding yourself with greenery is a great way to improve the quality of air you are breathing into your body. It may even encourage you to slow down and take deeper breaths! Who doesn't love killing two birds with one stone. Get into nature every damn day!

Set reminders on your phone

This one may sound a little silly... However I am someone who forgets to breathe sometimes. And I know there are people out there who know what I mean!! 😂 I tend to hold my breath when I'm lost in thought (which is quite often). Setting a reminder on my phone to "Just Breathe" is my way of reminding myself to slow down, breathe deeply and exhale fully. This puts me into a state of relaxation as well as feeds my body with the oxygen it needs in order to be working optimally. Even if it is just 1 minute out of my day, it's something and I feel amazing every time I do. Setting a reminder is a great way to get into the habit of checking your body to see how you are breathing. And to adjust your breath accordingly.

Cheers y'all! If you or anyone you know is trying to lose weight or change food/ lifestyle habits for life give me a shout over here! I give free initial consultations to see if we are a good match and then the magic happens from there!