Why You Binge Eat | Part 1

Why do we overeat?

Have you ever felt as though you’ve gone into complete zombi mode and next thing you know you’ve eaten an entire bag of chips, enough cookies to feed a family for 3 days and half of the contents of your refrigerator? 

If yes, don't worry you aren’t the only one. 

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This is how we act when our body goes into survival mode. 

Our nervous system is in overdrive due to some sort of stressful trigger.

From a physical standpoint our body’s enter this state when we haven’t given the body what it was asking for.

This happens to people who often skip breakfast. At some point in the day, usually the late afternoon, the body will try to catch up on all of the nutrients it missed out on at breakfast. This is what looks like a binge to most people. The feeling of a loss of control. This is when you find yourself wolfing down your meal in a matter of seconds or snacking on foods even though you feel bloated and full. Maybe even reaching for foods you wouldn’t normally eat.

This is your body’s way of getting in nutrients as quickly as possible. Your body doesn’t know the nutrient profile of a bag of chips or cookies. Your body is in fight or flight mode and is making you reach for whatever is closest to you. 

Similar to when someone is drowning. They wouldn’t normally put another human at risk by grabbing onto them but when they are in survival mode they aren't thinking about the safety of others. They are only concerned with staying alive.


If you are someone who doesn’t skip breakfast maybe you’re still wondering why you overeat or binge eat…

If your meals are lacking a variety of nutrients the body is very likely to enter this same survival mode. I’m talking to the people who regularly eat carb only meals. This would look like pancakes with syrup, toast, cereal, pasta, and rice rich meals. These aren’t bad foods and it’s not as though you should never eat them, however they are very heavy in carbohydrates which the body doesn’t like to consume on its own. It’s like taking a few spoonfuls of sugar and expecting the body to feel satisfied. 

This can also be true for those who are on strict diets where they are consuming fat only or protein only meals. If the body is missing out on carbohydrates it will enter that same survival mode and that’s when you’ll find yourself elbows deep in a pint of ice-cream. 

How can I stop myself from overeating???

For starters… eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. And if you are someone who isn’t hungry in the morning, start eating a lighter dinner a couple hours before you go to bed rather eating a huge meal late at night. This will give your body enough time to digest and you will find yourself waking up hungry. 

Add in more nutrients to your meals by choosing foods that are naturally more nutrient dense. These would include any foods that are vibrant in colour. Fruits and vegetables are going to be higher in vitamins and minerals as well as good quality animal protein. When your body receives the nutrients that it needs to function optimally, you won’t find yourself constantly reaching for snacks or large portions. 

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If you don't like the taste of greens powder you can try sipping on bone broth or homemade miso soup that you can quickly make out of miso paste and hot water.

If you still find yourself binge eating/ overeating, it may be due to an emotional factor which I will talk about in the next blog. xx

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