Why You Should Meditate

I really liked the idea of mediation growing up. I pretty much wanted to become some human version of a woodland fairy...or what most would call a hippie.

To my knowledge at the time, all hippies meditated and were super in tune with nature.

I would try meditating here and there but I never really knew why it was good for me or why I should do it and so I grew frustrated with the practice.

It wasn't until more recently when I realized that I had strayed away from the best version of myself that I aspired to be. And no, not a hippie per se, but rather someone who is connected to my intuition, someone who lives in the present and someone who can listen to the signals that my body is sending me.

I felt super out of touch with myself and I felt as though I was living someone else's life. This brought on depression, a lack of motivation and a complete change in my character where I didn't even recognize myself.

When I found a way of meditating that worked for me, I started to give myself the space to become exactly who I am meant to be.

This sounds super cheesy.......but stay with me!

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Meditation is a portal to better intuition

I have found that meditation allows more space for listening to my greater wisdom. When I meditate first thing in the morning I am able to connect to my body and the signals it is sending me. This especially helps me with intuitive eating throughout my day and helps me to make decisions that are better for my body and I'm able to ignore the chatter that is going on in my mind. 

Meditation keeps me in a state of calm

Focusing on breathing alone will help reduce cortisol instantly. Cortisol is a stress hormone and if it is elevated for long periods of time it can lead to weight gain, digestive discomfort and hormonal imbalance (just to name a few). Even taking 3 deep breaths several times throughout the day helps to put me into a blissful state where I'm not as quick to react with anger if I'm feeling defensive. This is a huge one for me... ask anyone who knows me (what can I say I'm a Taurus!)

It will keep you vibrating at a higher frequency

Here I go with the hippie talk!

Each emotion is associated with a certain vibration. There have been many studies (my favourite one is this). Meditation can catapult you into a certain elevated vibration if you allow yourself to reach states such as immense gratitude and joy. When you carry these vibrations with you throughout your day you will attract things that are vibrating at that same level. When you feel joy, you attract joy. When you feel anger, you attract more anger.

When we feel shame, guilt and grief we are typically low energy, low motivation, living in a victim mentality and we tend to attract things that keep us in this state. We become addicted to these low vibrations and negative emotions because they give us a little hit of adrenaline and we continue the cycle of negative thoughts just to get to the familiar state of negativity.

When we feel joy and love we feel like we're buzzing, high on life, anything is possible and amazing opportunities seem to flow our way. This is no coincidence. When we allow ourselves to use meditation and visualization to bring us into these high vibrational states, we realize just how much power we have over our lives and our future abundances.

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