How To Meditate

I used to hate meditating. I loved the IDEA of it but I wasn't so great at the execution part.  

I remember swearing at myself and cursing the entire practice. "Why do people even do this, it just feels physically and mentally annoying."

I felt irritated. Too many thoughts. Nonstop distractions. Noises going on around me were pissing me off. My back hurt from trying to sit up straight. Kept forgetting to breathe. "Dammit I forgot to do my laundry. Oh yea I'm not suppose to be talking to myself. I guess I'm just not cut out for this."



It took me quite a while to actually listen to what EVERYONE who teaches meditation was saying...

The goal is NOT to stop thinking.

I know a lot of people struggle with the idea that we must silence our minds and stop thinking altogether in order to be a "perfect meditator". But there's no such thing as meditating perfectly and you will always have thoughts and images arise during a meditation and that's OK!!!

Become an observer of your own thoughts

Taking a step back and allowing your thoughts to flow in and out is an essential part of meditating. Refrain from adding to a train of thought by picturing them float off into the sky.

Focus on your breath

This one helped me the most. At the beginning of every meditation I put as much of my attention on my inhale and exhale. I notice things like: which part of my body rises with the inhale and I drag out my exhale as long as possible. This really helps to quiet my mind and put my thoughts on hold for a few moments as I put my focus on something else.

Notice how your body feels

I like to do a body scan. I start at my head and make my way all the way down to my feet. This is also a great practice that you can incorporate before each meal to see if you are really hungry or if you're just bored. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to eat intuitively.


This is my favourite part! I'm a big dreamer and I like to use visuals to set intentions for my day or put myself into a positive headspace that I intend on keeping with me for the entire day. Depending on what my goal is for each practice I like to picture different things. A personal favourite is using the image of a bright white orb entering my body and clearing me of any negativity and toxins. 

I often use this time to plan out how I want my future to unfold whether it be with relationships, career, finances or travel. 

You can do this ANYWHERE

I meditate while waiting for the bus, while making my lunch, while walking to work, during a conversation with someone who is testing my patience ;)

And nooo I don't sit down on the floor, cross-legged with my eyes closed while meditating in public. If you saw me, you wouldn't be able to tell that I was meditating. I simply focus on my breath, and invite myself back into the present moment and out of my train of thought. 

If you ever feel like you just can't meditate DON'T WORRY! The greatest monks have felt the same way. There are thousands of guided meditations on YouTube for either morning or night that are AMAZING and you can seriously find a meditation for whatever it is that you are looking to get out of it! There are even ones for weight loss!

I truly believe in mind over matter and if you believe something to be true it will manifest in your life - the good and the bad!

If you have any questions about meditation give me a shout !

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