Boosting your Metabolism with a Killer Breakfast

So now that you know that skipping your breakfast isn’t an effective way to get to your natural weight, let’s talk a bit about WHAT you should be eating within the first hour of waking up.

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Getting ready for a day filled with activity, whether it be mental or physical, means that your body will require a good amount of fuel to keep your energy high until your next meal. Keep in mind everyone requires different AMOUNTSof food and there is no way that any professional can tell you what a good amount of food is for you, only you can discover this for yourself.


1. Rehydrate

After 8 hours or more without consuming any water your body is going to need some replenishment. Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning also helps to stimulate your digestion and prepare your body for food. 

With this in mind…please don’t chug a litre of water… ever. Water is meant to be sipped throughout the day, or else you will weaken your digestive capacity. Even better, drink warm water, this will help keep you regular and may help to get rid of digestive discomfort. 


Typically caffeinated beverages such as coffee or tea will dehydrate you even more. So even though there is water in these, it isn’t actually hydrating you at all. Have a glass of water on top of your morning coffee.


Quick Tip:

adding a pinch of pink salt to your water can be helpful for anyone who feels like they can’t hold onto water… ALSO great for hangovers (you’re welcome).


2.  Protein and Fat!

Add a source of protein and fat to your breakfast so that you are keeping your blood sugar stable (which means no energy crash). This can help prevent you from mindlessly snacking throughout the day.

Add in:

-egg (including the yolk)
-olive oil, ghee, butter
-protein powder (stick to protein powders with very few ingredients and no sugar, Marine Collagen is a great one if you aren’t vegan)

3.   Add More!

Don’t be afraid to add more to your breakfast. The goal is to keep you feeling satisfied until your next meal. Some people try to eat as little as possible in the beginning half of their day thinking that if they cut back on calories from the start then they will be in that mindset all day and they will lose weight…. noooooooo. Not only will you be putting your body into fat storing mode BUT you will be far more likely to overeat or binge eat in the later half of your day when your body's calorie burning capacity has slowed down. 

Take advantage of your body's metabolic window by eating larger meals in the first half of your day and add in more nutrient rich foods to your breakfast to keep your body satisfied and your cravings in check.

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