Why skipping breakfast doesn’t work

WHEN we eat is almost as important as WHAT we eat. 

Our metabolism is our digestive fire. Our digestive fire actually works in sync with the sun. The higher the sun is in the sky, the stronger our metabolism / digestive fire / calorie burning capacity will be. 

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When we wake up in the morning, our metabolism slowly starts to rise (as does the sun). If you decided to skip breakfast because you want to push back your first meal of the day, your body may very well go into “fat storing mode”. 

As your body prepares itself in the morning to use its strengthened metabolic power to digest a meal and receives NOTHING it will assume that there is a famine. Your body, very wisely, starts to slow down metabolism and stores future calories as fat. 

Many people have this idea (fed to us by the media) that we just need to eat less calories. However, if we put our body into a state of stress by skipping a meal, the body reads this as: “there is a famine, we need to store all future calories as fat”. This is exactly what we DON’T want our bodies to do. We want to be able to eat food to fuel our bodies and have our bodies use those calories (energy) effectively rather than storing it as fat on the body when we don’t need it. 

#1 tip of this series:


Which also means:

don’t wait 4 hours after you wake up to eat your first meal 

**hint hint to all you intermittent fasters ;)

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