Meal Timing for Fat Burning

If you are an absolute foodie like me, you can probably hear your soul dying at the sound of the dreaded thing called “portion control”. As an eating psychology expert, I don’t believe in using the word “control” when it comes to food. I do however believe in adjusting your eating schedule so that you are eating your largest meal at the right time of day. This means that you are strategically choosing to eat the most at the time of day when your calorie burning capacity is the strongest.


As I mentioned in my first post of the series, our metabolism is in sync with the sun. The higher it is in the sky, the stronger our digestive fire will be. This time happens to be 12:00pm-1:30pm. THIS MEANS that it makes the most sense to eat our largest meal during the time frame that our body’s calorie burning capacity is the strongest. 


I’m not saying that this gives you the go-ahead to eat whatever you want and there won’t be any consequences - because that is never the case. You are simply finding a better eating rhythm that keeps your metabolism high and you are working with your body to use your fuel sources more efficiently.

Working with a compromised metabolism is not easy. If you feel that you have a slow metabolism I'd love to work with you to get your body back to burning fat efficiently and finding a way of eating that works perfectly for your body. Contact me here for a free consultation!

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