Exciting News!

Hey y'all!!

I wanted to share some of my exciting news with you. 

I'm now taking on clients!! 
I am finally taking on new clients for one-on-one nutrition and wellness coaching.

As most of you know, I am a Holistic Nutritionist and have worked as a private chef on health retreats and private events. I have also worked in a few different stores as an on-site nutritionist and I am now able to start taking on some clients of my own.

I specialize in food psychology and ancient healing methods such as Ayurvedic medicine.

My education in holistic nutrition, culinary nutrition, and Mind-Body coaching has prepared me help others in a big way. Not only have I been studying these topics for 13 years, but I have struggled with my own health and my relationship with food all throughout this time with many food allergies as well as obsessive dieting. 

My main goal is to make health and wellness simple and stress-free for people.

I'm passionate about helping others with food and body issues. I can help them:

  • Feel confident and most importantly, at ease with food. 
  • Enjoy food without feeling obsessed with it. 
  • Go hours without thinking and stressing over it. 
  • Find a way of eating that works for their body
Now for  your part. 
If you know someone who's suffering, I would really appreciate if you would share my website with them. I've got room for two new clients in my 8 week one-on-one holistic health coaching program.  I'll be happy to give a free 30 minute consultation to anyone you refer.


On my website, I will be showing you ways to become an intuitive eater, help you understand your body and how to work with it to nourish yourself. I will help steer you clear of a life full of yo-yo dieting and help bring you to a place of effortless wellness.

Testimonials from clients:

"Megan is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and able to provide information regarding all aspects of healthy nutrition tailored to each individual, but she doesn’t just stop there! She also puts a huge emphasis on wellness and was able to teach me that health and wellness really go hand in hand.  Megan is so encouraging and cheers you on, even if you only start off by taking baby steps." 
- R.J. Teacher

"The thing that I appreciated most about Megan is that she made sure any goals she had set for me, were goals that could fit in into my personal life and schedule. Everything that we were working towards was very realistically maintainable and suitable for my lifestyle. I feel so much more organized with my life and now know that my goals are very much attainable."
- M.Y. Student & Part time worker


Thank you for your support,

xoxo Megan

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