Nicaragua in a Nutshell


 Earlier this year I went down south for 3 months to be a plant-based chef at a health retreat. I was living in a very small fishing village where cow traffic jams were a daily occurrence. Everywhere I turned I was completely surrounded by the vast ocean. I quickly fell in love with the town and everyone in it. There was a beautiful combination of locals and visitors. The locals spent most of their days working on their farm. It wasn't uncommon to see children herding animals during the day if their families couldn't afford to send them to school. Visitors were either there to surf or to work at one of the local surf resorts. It is not a well-known town for tourism unless you know how to find good surf spots.


This trip was definitely spontaneous. I was going through several changes in my life. I had graduated from a program I loved with no idea what to do with my certification. I was getting over a break up and had quit one of my jobs due to an ongoing health issue. I was losing my lust for life and needed to be thrown out of my comfort zone to feel alive again. 

I was making plans to move across the country to British Colombia but none of my plans were working out.

A close friend of mine asked me to intern with her at a health retreat in Nicaragua and I didn't even think about it, I just said HELLLLL YEA!


It didn't take me very long to feel at home and to meet people who would change my life forever. The connections I made with people that I met while travelling is like no other. Each person I met taught me something new about myself and changed me for the better. My patience was tested at times and I had to learn how to roll with the punches in a country where I didn't speak the language. I thought I could say words in French and just add a "LO" to the end to make it Spanish. Note to self: DON'T. I accidentally called a very sweet woman an a**hole because of this horrible strategy. 


I very gladly woke up every morning at 4:30am to walk the beach as part of my morning meditation. My diet consisted of lots of local grown fruits and vegetables with the occasional freshly caught Corvina. I actually hated fish until I tried it in Nicaragua.  I of course had to balance all the holistic goodness with a weekly gin and soda (or 4). Salsa nights on Thursdays definitely got interesting. ;)

Each night I would be stopped dead in my tracks by the beauty of the night sky and how visible all the stars were in the little town with no street lights. One night I even watched the moon set, I didn't even know that was a thing! Also the moon is upside down there, just saying.  


My bedroom consisted of a bed, a dresser, a fan, and plenty of lizards that encouraged me to sleep with my face under the sheets for fear that one would crawl into my mouth while I slept. 


To be honest, I had no interest in coming back home. I felt as though I had found my new home. When I came back to Canada it was snowing and I was holding back the tears. I just wanted to feel the warm, dry heat and wake up to the sounds of the ocean again. When I woke up the next day, I was so overwhelmed with how much sh*t I had in my room. I purged as much as I could. I was so used to living a minimalistic life that all the clutter in my room was giving me anxiety. 


Life was so simple there. No one was in a rush, everyone was happy and just shrugged off any challenges that came their way. I miss it everyday but I know I'll be back.


My trip taught me that I don't need much to be happy and the less I have the richer I feel. I also learned that this would only be the start of my worldly adventures. 


Where to next?

Megan Mieta