Eat Sexy, Stupid


       Have you ever gone to a restaurant that you’ve been dying to go to and instead of ordering the dish you really want, you settle on the Spring Salad, no croutons, with dressing on the side? Maybe you’re on a diet and you are terrified of all the calories that must be in the Chicken Alfredo. Perhaps a dietitian on T.V. convinced you to stay away from all creamy sauces, gluten and meat. You are so much in your head that you can’t enjoy the company you are with no matter how hard you try. Your plate of lettuce and tomato comes to the table while your friends ogle at their authentic Italian pizza and pasta dishes. The salad isn’t enough to fill your stomach or your mind’s pleasure centre. I remember when I was raw vegan I ordered a Caesar salad with LITERALLY nothing on it. It was just romaine lettuce and a wedge of lemon. I paid $18.00 for that shit


                Food, water, and sex are biological needs. We can’t survive without them. They are also meant to be enjoyed with pleasure in order to feel fulfilled. If you’ve ever visited France you would see slim men and women devouring creamy cheeses and fresh baked baguettes through cafe windows. They eat slowly and most of the time they are surrounded by good company. Each bite of food is usually followed by a conversation. There is no rush, no guilt, no over-eating, no diet; just good food enjoyed with good company and there’s something so sexy about it. The French don’t usually snack throughout the day. They eat 3 meals that are decadent, rich and pleasurable. Food is a big part of any culture and social gatherings. The entire experience of making food, eating and sharing it with good company makes it a sacred practice without even thinking about it.


        So where did the Western world go wrong? Our meals are typically cardboard coloured, undesirable to look at let alone eat. Usually void of much nutrients, textures or taste. We over-complicate everything. We think that if we aren’t struggling then we must be doing something wrong. If we aren’t suffering to follow a certain diet then we are failing. We’re so fucking wrong. Our mindset around food is the furthest thing from sexy. We give ourselves so many rules, we rarely enjoy the food we are actually eating and we eat in private as if we’re ashamed of our food choices. The idea of eating should make you excited. If you are dreading your choice because it isn’t desirable to you, chances are you won’t feel fulfilled and you may end up over-indulging later. 



               My advice to you is to pick the option that is more desirable in terms of satisfying your cravings. Eat slowly and enjoy eat bite. Take time to converse with others if you have company. Taste each bite, feel all the textures in your mouth. Eat as the French do. When you notice that you are no longer excited to take your next bite, your body is telling you that it has had enough. This is why it’s crucial to eat slowly, take breaks, and notice your body’s sensations.

It’s kind of silly to think that we need to re-learn how to eat. Dieting is a bad habit that we have all taken part in. As long as you enjoy your food, and you listen to your body you don’t need to stress about your choices. Eat sexy and feel great.

Megan Mieta