My Thoughts on Juice Cleanses

So I finally did it.

I did a juice cleanse. AND I didn’t die.

I was always kind of weary of cleansing. I work so hard at trying to eliminate diet culture however I am still a holistic nutritionist and there are some dietary strategies that I love.

One of them being: gentle cleanses when the body is calling for it.

I thought I would break down my thoughts on juice cleanses from the eyes of a nutritionist and mind-body eating coach.


Cleansing for digestion

Our bodies work so damn hard every day to break down our food. You have probably noticed that after you eat a large amount of food you start to feel tired. This is because your body is putting so much of its energy into digesting your meal that the rest of your organs are forced to take a break. This includes your brain, hence the brain fog after big indulgences.

Using some sort of fasting method whether it be a juice fast, water fast, bone broth fast or a dry fast - can help to give your digestion a break. This means that your body can focus its energy onto healing your body.

This is great for anyone who experiences a lot of food intolerances and discomfort after eating.

Cleansing for weight loss

This is where I gently raise my hand. Some people will claim that going on a juice cleanse helped them lose weight. I don’t doubt this. BUT juice cleanses are a form of calorie restricting. So after prolonged cleansing, most people will indeed experience weight loss and when they go back to eating how they normally eat, they end up putting the weight back on. THIS IS NORMAL!!

If you are choosing to do a juice cleanse specifically to lose weight, I highly suggest that you have a game plan for after your cleanse is finished. The cleanse is a great jumpstart but that’s only 20% of the work. The other 80% is on you to keep up with high quality, wholesome foods and mindful eating after your cleanse time is up!

Cleansing to strengthen Intuition

A great side effect to doing short fasts is that it can help you become a more intuitive eater… If you let it! Cleanses are a great time to really put in effort into becoming a more mindful eater. I find that when I fast/cleanse I am able to develop a better relationship with my body. When I did my juice cleanse with elxr juice lab last weekend, I was able to really pay attention to my hunger and satiation cues. I was forced to sit with my hunger and take the time to evaluate whether it was a mental craving or physical.


If you feel called to fast or cleanse, go for it!

However, do what you can to make it an enjoyable experience and listen to your body.

For questions about cleansing, fasting, or general eating psychology send me a message here

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