It all started when…


 I fell in love with nutrition at a young age. I LOVED learning about how food affects our body, however my love for nutrition turned into a very long battle with my relationship with food. I became obsessed and I wanted to achieve ULTIMATE health...whatever that is.

I went through phases of restriction, bingeing and purging, and on going self-hate. I didn't understand how someone like me, who loves "healthy food" and has so much education on nutrition could lack so much "will power”.

 After many years of struggling I realized that traditional dieting culture is completely outdated and there must be an easier way.

I started to fall in love with understanding the psychology behind common food issues such as over-eating, binge-eating, restricting, purging and so on… 

I have always known that I wanted to dedicate my time to helping people and my love for nutrition has never gone away; it has transformed into a wholesome approach of healing the person in all aspects of life. Through healing myself and from intensive Eating Psychology education I now know that food struggles has absolutely nothing to do with willpower and so much to do with the underlying issues that lead us to binge eat, over eat and chronically diet. 

I love watching people step into the body, the effortless nourishing diet, the life, and the confidence they have always dreamed of. My own healing journey has led me to a deeper understanding of the struggle many of us carry in regards to food and body. It is my dream to help fade out the outdated diet culture mentality and get back to our roots of eating for nourishment and pleasure.

Your truly,

Megan Mieta, CNP